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Melchizedek Without Organs

M         w           O "First, the name Melchizedek means “king of righteousness”; then also, “king of Salem” means “king of peace.” Without father or mother, without genealogy, without beginning of days or end of life, resembling the Son of God, he remains a priest forever." - Hebrews 7:2-3 Without daddy or mommy, without genealogy (without the oedipally triangulated "me,") Without familial categorizations, beyond the restrictively deluded directing of the productive energies towards the formations of the aggregates of the very molar structures that gave rise to the Oedipal Matrix. The schizzes of Theosis (as he resembles the Son of God and remains a priest of the Kingdom forever,) ensure us that Melchizedek has broken through the walls and faced all the limits of this deceptive world. Beyond society, beyond this pseudocosmogonic vision. Beyond the demonic trickeries that have led you to vibrate at a lower frequency, attaching you energetically at a lower level, t
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Tormented Fight, Depressive Life & Our Dark Light.

 Every single action is constituted by an ever-increasing, finely tuned conflict of micro-interests.  Each part of my body is energetically made up of microparts, one fighting against the other. Muscular pain, radiational rib-sensations, knee irritations, chest hardenings, suffocations, stress, anger, sadness, depressiveness, inhumanization...  All sensations are sensations of physiological WAR. The inner-war is physio-spiritual.  Even my euphoric sensations, even my bliss is accomplished through sensed-perpetual strife.  Spiritual white flags are illusory. There is no escape. Buddha-Consciousness is not an escape from this, but an elimination of egotistical resentfulness. In contradiction to all massified-instincts, I choose to radically not resent the powers of Life and its passions. Divine Life the Destroyer of all things... I suffer to carry on the Traditional & Perennial torch of self-elimination. To eliminate all deceptiveness concerning this life. To clash against my own lie

The Energetic Struggle of the Ontological Anarch.

 I take metaphors literally, in the sense that the metaphoric is a reality that truly exists within the energetic plane of connectiveness. Even disconnection occurs (in energetic terms) connectively. I am sure the energetic plane of connectiveness has within it a reality that connects certain objects to itself as a round globe, but for me, the sub-plane I abide in feels pretty flat. The Flat Earth is a real experience that connects to the energetic plane of consistency. It is a metaphor that so happens to be literally true. The energetic plane of consistency is (along with and among other things) pretty flat. There is therefore no scientific supremacism within this energetic field. Science is open and not "supreme." not hegemonic. This includes the sciences (both masonic-secret ones, but also the more formal biopolitical, statistical ones) operated by the Leviathan.  The Leviathan coincides and occurs as a subplane, not superior to other subplanes. The subplanes are not "

Vitalism, Xenomasculinism, Homo-Eroticism & Marquis de Sade.

The political left no longer fulfills the missiological urges of the spiritual left. I make here a distinction between leftism in the spiritual/ontological sense and leftism as politics. In terms of politics, more and more can the left can be thought of as a movement of decadence.  I don't use this term (decadence) in the way that organicist paranoid rightoids use it. I rather use it to contrast with a vitality that in my perception, both the political Left and the political Right seem to have no use for it, which makes sense given how Vitality also has no use for them. Vitality is necessarily nomadic, "nonsensical" (asignifying/without-signification) potentially Nihilistic even (in the sense of how it energetically, interruptively exhausts,) Anarchic, wild, zoophilic (in the sense that it perverts nature and organisms,) polarizing, bio-mechanically-militant (in the sense of how Ernst Junger spoke of a necessary, disciplinary yet potentially destructive militaristic auto-

The Great Chasm Between The Many & The One... Why I Hate The Anti-Christ, I Hate The Anti-Christ.

 "We got you surrounded!  It's time for you to take your meds that tranquilize you into submission towards the ONE global vision." I HATE THE ANTI-CHRIST, I HATE THE ANTI-CHRIST. Yes, I hate. I have hatred. The forbidden feeling. The thing you are not supposed to feel, but bear it, as mass society continues to hate your guts.  The thing that generates and inflicts differentiation, yet it is withheld from you by those kept docile by the ONE tunnel-vision. The tyranny of the (let's be all) ONE (together...) As mass society continues to further democratize itself, further "massify" itself and reveal its bitter, gloomy, ever-numbing depressive energy as its invisible site of dead spirituality. Soulless. This hypermodern world is soulless, and its allegorical, yet hyperreal culmination is the metaverse. Maybe the end-process, the fate of our condition is for us to condition ourselves to accept it all. Maybe such trickery is not so much delusional on its own, but

In & Out... Sexuality, Gender, Bio-Spirit & Experimental Truth Machinery.

There is no attaining the Truth without experimentation. There is no Truth without limitation.  These are the two core premises that inform me what the Truth is and anything around it. The process of attaining Truth is necessarily explorative, and exploration necessitates a process of becoming contingencies. It necessitates a process of becoming, rather than simply "being." To be is an existential absurdity. To become is to generate the steps towards the thing outside the absurdity of existence.  All becomings lead to an internal awareness of the contrast between division and unity, contingency and necessity.  All becomings are thus necessary. To become many things one should discipline their bodily processes unto self-mastery, and abandon all slavish and lazy tendencies and the wretched impulses of following the masses. For there is nothing more degrading to the creative Spirit of our bodily processes than to adhere in accordance to the borders imposed by the masses.  The Sp

An Alternative-Confessional Destruction of the Doctrine of The Trinity.

 It is clear that there is a difference between the Sacred Injil of Allah revealed in the Highest of all Christologies, which ironically to Christendom would be considered "Low-Christology." Why is it "Low" to affirm Christic Consciousness (as in, Salvific Consciousness) as an attribute of Allah that is to be understood as something separate from the earthly and prophetic person of Jesus?  Jesus was Christic, and thus we call Jesus Christ because he was an ambassador of the Christic One. The Gospel of Aquarius may very well be New Age, but it reveals an Older Wisdom about the corruption of Christendom and its deviance from the only Christian who ever lived and appear to have died, that is Christ Jesus.  Christ reveals in Him the Father. Perhaps here, the early subordinationists (which includes Tertullian's mistaken understanding of the Apostle Paul's apparent "Trinitarian" message) are getting at something, but even they are in error, forever devia